the H.U.D.
The H.U.D. provides the two most important (and only) values: meal temperature and frags.
Your frag count can only be increased by shooting things.
Meal temperature can be increased by stopping over a lava pit and it decreases over time and whenever you crash into anything. Going to extremes in both directions will end the game, if your delivery gets too cold, the game is over, if the temperature gets too high you’ll be blown to pieces, because some weird ingredient got unstable.
Your final score takes both values into account, so it does obviously make sense to keep the temperature at an acceptable level, while blasting away legions of fiendish critters.

 fundamentals - the P3D 'engine'
It’s only Flash MX, not a real 3d engine, no polygons and no hardware acceleration, that’s why a few restrictions apply.
First of all, there’s a lot of scaling, zooming and colourizing happening within the game itself, that’s why hardware requirements are relatively high (about 1GHz) and the resolution is quite low (400x300 pixels).

 the editor – ‘gofer-a-level’
Besides rather painstaking placement of individual entities, the editor boasts a wealth of parametric functions and simply cool features like area sounds, random object placement, fog and particle effects, just to mention a few. Entire levels can be built from scratch without a single line of scripting, even randomly generated levels are possible and extensive online-help for every function is available.
Everything happens online, no download necessary, all you need is the Flash6 plugin and a little spare time.
All user-made levels can be browsed, played and rated online. Since all data is stored on our server, downloading and playing them offline is unfortunately impossible, but you can download the standalone fullscreen version (Windows only), containing the sample game here (plus a variety of your creations, some day…).