Game or editor not working?
For some weird reason downloading the library sometimes stops at 99%, if this happens, please try clearing your browser's cache and start playing or creating again.

You may as well get the fullscreen version >>download exe<< for Windows, which has the library embedded and will therefore always work.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we're hunting that bug ...

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what’s this all about?

This is not really an entire game, sorry. No explicit story, no cutscenes (yet?), no ending, sorry again.
You can of course play our sample levels, but the main purpose of this project is giving you the opportunity to design your own level, play other user-made levels and to experiment and fumble with the online level-editor.

You don't need Flash, to design a level, you don't even need to know what this Flash stuff is all about, just click away in the editor and play your creation - and the levels that other users built - online.

Read the extensive game description
Read the editing instructions

 the editor
Since the game is a mere showcase for the editor, having at least a glance at the editing functionality is highly recommended. If you don’t like our levels because they’re too hard or too easy for your skills, you can build your own.
You want more gore or a fast paced racing game without any violence? Go ahead!

 the sample levels
You’re a Grub Gofer (a.k.a. delivery person) working for a nameless interstellar fast-food company. It’s your job to deliver food of dubious origin to customers of various extraterrestrial races as hot as possible.
Aliens like it hot. If you’re too slow, you won’t get paid. If you don’t reach the end of the level due to some bizarre form of demise, you won’t get paid either, obviously.
Blasting nasty species increases your score, as usual.
Coming to a full stop over a smoking lava pit increases your delivery’s temperature.
Crashing into too many rocks or nasties will transform your bike into a smouldering pile of scrap metal.

The game itself is pretty straightforward:
Ride your hoverbike to the end of the level to fulfill your delivery, avoiding any obstacles – mainly rocks – and blasting away anything that moves.
Speed is not important, but keep an eye on the temperature of your parcel and on your overall score, since both will determine the result of your effort.

steering left and right is controlled by your ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys,
the ‘up’ arrow accelerates,
the 'down' arrow brakes,
the ‘space’ key fires your guns,
the ‘X’ key lets you jump over obstacles (although destruction is advised)
the mouse doesn’t do anything.

Read the extensive game description
Read the editing instructions